Russian and Soviet Fine Art Gallery of the XX Century
Maltzeff, G.P.

Gregorji Maltzeff was born in Talashmanova (Russia) on November 27th, 1881. 
He joins the Fluvial Academy. As an officer he joins the Nobel,s family fluvial fleet. The Nobels notice his talent for fine arts and encourage him to join the Imperial Art Academy in St. Petersburg (1908). 
Academy Prizes: 1908 – second prize  «Peter the Great in Astrakhan in 1711». 1909 – second prize – «The Mongol Yoke in the XIIIth Century». 1910 – first prize – «Cossacks on the Volga» (All these paintings are still on exhibition at the Academy’s Museum) 1912 – wins the «Prix de Rome» with «St. Alexis, Moscow’s Metropolitan, heals Princess Tandulla, the Khan’s Wife»


Oil on canvas. 160 x 40 cm.
Oil on wood. 35.5 x 60 cm.
Oil on wood. 50 x 34 cm.
1953. Pencil on paper. 34 x 24 cm.
Сarving and gold paint on wood with hard stone. Diam. 30 сm.

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